The Ideal Brand Starts With Trust

Ideal Dental has become the industry’s most trusted brand by delivering on our promise of being the premier provider of dental services under one roof. We empower doctors to provide an unparalleled patient-focused experience.

We Do It All for Our Dentists

Our team of experienced clinicians and industry experts provide you with a proven roadmap for success. From clinical and operations to marketing and staffing, you’ll have the full support you need to grow your practice every step of the way.

happy dental employees standing and smiling on the office waiting room
Ideal Dental Lee Vista office building with palm trees

Ownership Within Reach

At Ideal Dental, we make it easy for entrepreneurial dentists to build a practice or grow a portfolio of offices. Our doctors enjoy the benefits of ownership while partnering with one of the industry’s fastest-growing and most respected brands.

Why Do Doctors & Patients Choose Ideal Dental?


Above 80 is World Class according to Qualtrics


National industry average is 3.9 according to Stax

Fast-Track Your Career

Ideal Dental has a proven model and opportunity to satisfy every entrepreneurial dentist’s craving for an outstanding practice they can be proud of. Learn how we can help you build the ideal practice to fit your location.

Ideal Dental office waiting room interior

Partner Owner Success Stories

We could not be more proud to support our partners as they flourish in their communities with their Ideal Dental offices. Here what they have to say about their Ideal Dental ownership journeys.
Dr. Chris Swayden

“After 15 years of running a successful DSO of 14 dental offices in Texas, it would have been easy to find just any partner, but no one stood out like Ideal Dental. There was so much synergy with our all-inclusive approach to dentistry, patient-centric model, and alignment with team culture that no other partner could match it.”

Dr. Chris Swayden | Dallas, TX | Partner since 2021

Dr. Joshua Coussa

“My partnership with Ideal Dental has been fantastic. They are clinician founded and clinical led. Ideal Dental is extremely doctor-oriented which was very important to me. The partnership provides all of the support that I need and allows me to be the best doctor I can be.”

Dr. Joshua Coussa | Coral Springs, FL | Partner since 2019

Dr. Michael Caparas

“After I partnered with Ideal Dental, my two practices saw an incredible lift in patient volume due to the brand reputation alone. The leadership and focus on quality dentistry are second to none. The team has empowered me to grow to eight offices in just two years.”

Dr. Michael Caparas | Seattle, WA | Partner since 2021


For entrepreneurial dentists looking to establish themselves with the industry leading brand, Ideal Dental offers a partnership opportunity that can’t be beat. Let’s talk about you and your goals today.

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